Sunday, August 16, 2009

xjodiex17 interview!

Hello eveyone...

This is my First Interview & I really wanted to do one on a girl who's stylish,Pretty& Super kind.

Now you may think why on earth did I do it on someone famouse?

My awnser is,I don't think I'm friends with famouse users.So there you have it.

And her name is XJodiex17 !

"Ok,Who's your fave desinger?"

"I have a lot of fave desingers,But my main one's are DKNY& Channel.

"If you were going on your first date,Were would it be & what would you wear?

"Ohh that's a good question,Err...It would be In Australia,on a sandy beach.I would wear a strapless dress,with red heels,a clutch bag & for accecories,I'd wear bangles & a dimond shaped locket.

"Wow!You'd look awsome."Why did you join stardoll?

"Thanks,I joined stardoll because I love to fashion desinge & I have been getting better each day.

"Thankyou so much for talking to me today.Remember girls vote her covergirl!

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